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Member testimonials

Excellent detailed reading with predictions. Thanks for the honesty!
- by Garace123, usa
Excellent insight excellent read best on ORANUM
- by simmi, middlesex
awesome!! incredible!! best one on the oranum cite :)
- by tabbi, locust
very nice reading
- by micd123, la
incredible and wonderful at his job. He is a regular so I am used to his great talents. Highly recommend!
- by Sheri19, Locust Grove
Sid is always on target! Fast typist, connected, wise and extremely detailed in his insights and guidance. I have followed his advice for months now and it has read more »
- by Seeker1200, USA
intuitive, connected immediatly highly recommend!
- by kosubhan, Anchorage
Fabulous !!!!
- by rosie, USA
- by Rose, USA
Astro is one of my regulars on here and I love him! Awesome advisor and mental guide for me. I recommend him because he will for sure guarantee you results!
- by Sheri19, Locust
Amazing update as usual! He is so spot on and accurate in what he sees.
- by Seeker1200, USA
Really too good this psychic!!!!!
- by Sun, USA
Greatttt as usual. Repeat customer probably 10 times by now, very accurate! always stable predictions they never change he knows what hes talking about
- by Senem, London
There is only one word to describe Astro.............Phenomenal !!!!!!!
- by rose, usa
Astro is a true psychic he goes fast doesn't have to think and answer ! He knows everything !!!!!
- by rose, usa
Excellent! Always come in for a reading with him had two just now he is so insightful and always knows the personalities of the people I am concerned with.... T read more »
- by Senem, London
Good and fast.
- by bunnahh, toronto
ASTRO is the real deal! He reads you fast and accurately !!! He is very sincere and has gifts from THE ALMIGHTY!!!!! ASTRO STAY BLESSED DEAR!!!!!
I love astrologer!!! He is the best!! Always accurate with readings!!
- by sENEM, London
Well march 2015...a date ill keep in mind :) Thank you for answering my question!
- by littleone3, Europe
Astro is too good to be true!!!!
- by rosieie, USA
Astro is fantastic !!!!
- by rosie, usa
He is so reassuring!!!
- by anushree, chicago
Very very good!
- by moongirl777, berkeley
Sid is the BEST!! So amazingly accurate, fast and detailed. His explanations and insights are incredibly helpful in understanding a situation and his guidance o read more »
- by SoulDesire1, USA
Astro is too good to be true!!!!!!
- by rose, usa
Good reading! He was very accurate and described the situation and my own feelings about the guy concerned. I would recommend him quick typer too :)
- by Senem, London
Thanks astro..
- by mysticmarzo, melbourne
Amazing, quick, fast reader, very accurate!.. All predictions have come true. Thank you.
- by mlafield, Houston
Good Job Astro !!! You are a wonderful psychic!!!!
- by Rose, USA
Astro is extraordinary!!!
- by Rose, USA
I think Astro is a very genuine psychic. He is very clear what he is seeing and tells you the same !!!!! Thanks Astro!
- by rosa, usa
Another fantastic reading from Sid! He is so fast, accurate and connected. I swear he reads minds and probably has access to the Akashic records too! :) Not onl read more »
- by SoulDesire1, USA
He was very kind, and honest. Quick and to the point. Had a GREAT reading.
- by Scadoodle, Rville
Astro always tells as it is providing guidance and clarity. He is the only psychic here who doesn't think and then gives the answer. He will tell u so much info read more »
- by Rosie, usa
Astro is the real deal!!!!!!
- by Rani, USA
Astro is excellent and accurate reader! Fast and to the point.
- by mlafield, Houston
Quick and to the point. Very insightful with clear predictions.
- by agablue, ostad
He's nice and very quick in typing. I totally adore his powers and his intuition. Really worth every penny!! Thanks for the advice.. I would come back for sure!!
- by aqua, California
Astro is wonderful !!! Love his readings !!!!
Good! :)
- by Anushka Arya, Brackley
Astro is amazing. He can share a ton of information in a very short period of time. He is very direct and precise in his readings. Connects immediately! Thank you for all the help!
- by mlafield, Houston
Spot on, so accurate. Thanks!
- by anushree, chicago
Very intuitive and good reading. Give him a try, highly recommended!
- by petalouditsa, athens
Very accurate with whats going on right now, Great reading. Thank you astro..
- by sweet84, ma
- by simmi, HAYES
Amazing reading! he definitely knows what he is talking about… i will come and get another reading soon!
- by san, nyc
Astro is magnificent !!!! Too good !!!!!
- by tora, usa
Astro is Great !!!!! Always gives' me peace !!!!
- by rose, usa
This man has a gift.
- by Ana, NY
WOW!! He did an awesome job answering my follow up question. Gave so many details and confirmed many things that are happening now. He is truly gifted and his guidance is the best!!!
- by Seeker1200, US
Excellent reading excellent for advise and correctness
- by simmik, uk
Thanks astro i always appreciate your insight and help in my life. love and blessings to you
- by meg, sc
Astro is phenomenal too good!!!!
- by rose, usa
ANOTHER INCREDIBLE READING!! Everything he has seen and predicted to date has been true and has unfolded! His insight, wisdom and guidance are waaay beyond his read more »
- by Seeker1200, US
He's quick and good!
- by gittyup1945, new york
Really good person and knows what he is talking about.
- by gittyup1945, new york
The best of the best! Thank you so much!!!
- by jack me jack, Tiffin
Astro is superb! accurate and quick!
- by rosie, usa
Accurate and good reading.
- by sadhana, mauritius
Astro is truly gifted , He understands the picture very well. He goes deep into the situation and also tells the solutions !!! Great reading Astro !
- by rose, usa
Very very good.
- by gittyup1945, new york
Fast connection and advice on what to do.
- by angelszone, london
He is just absolutely amazing!!! Always gives the most pertinent accurate info, never repeats things. Incredibly fast connection and extremely detailed in the t read more »
- by Seeker1200, USA
He is a genius !!!!
- by rosie, usa
Love, loved it! He is on point about everything!!
- by gayle, ct
Astro is too good a reader !!!!
- by roseie, usa
He is good and consistent with his predictions!! Can't wait to see what happens. Thank you!!
- by dklb, usa
Astro is outstanding !!!!
- by rose, usa
Great! wish had more time :)
- by Sheri19, Locust Grove
Astro is Great !!!!! He is a good reader and dear friend !!
- by Sami, USA
He is AMAZING!! Well worth the credits. Very fast and connected, gives you tons of detail/explanation and clarity. I asked one question about something that hap read more »
- by Seeker1200, USA
Wonderful and always on point! I HIGHLY recommend him!
- by Alicia, Burnsville
Quick, accurate, giving deep insight and helping in shaping the best way to handle the things. Very kind!
- by agablue, oranjestad
Quick typing! If predictions come true, i will be very happy
- by luckystars, -
Very good.
- by gittyup1945n, new york
Astro has always been my friend. I appreciate him always being available when I need someone to talk to. They say that everyone needs a friend, and astro is a t read more »
- by Sheri19, Locust
- by Alicia, Burnsville
- by Suhana, USA
This guy is SOOOOO AMAZING!!!! Hits on every thought, emotion, motivation and action so accurately. Everything he saw was exactly what was going on in my situat read more »
- by Seeker1200, USA
Astro is a wonder !!!! 10 stars for him !!!!!
- by Suhana, USA
Astro was great! Was able to guide me with the correct answers I needed. He is one of my favorites so I'm never disappointed.
- by Sheri19, Post
Astro is the real deal!!!!!!
- by Suhana, USA
Excellent reading has ability to predict on relationship issues and matters of the heart...
- by simmi, UK
- by Sanya, USA
Astro is wonderful !!!! Hope he is telling truth!!!!!
- by Sonya, USA
Astro is just great !!!!
- by sonya, USA
He did an awesome job! I am never disappointed in his wonderful works!
- by Sheri19, Post
thank you Astro for your continued support and guidance. love you
- by meg, sc
Fast connection and typer! He gave lots of very specific, accurate information about my situation. Really good read!
- by OmManiPadmeHum, USA
Excellent Reader!
- by need2know5, usa
Very good very great
- by samina khan, middlesex
love you Astro! thanks for your spiritual guidance and positive insight. you have helped me stay true and positive. I am blessed to know you or at least chat with you on the computer. peace and blessings for you always
- by meg, sc
Awesome!!!! 5 stars easily!
- by ann s, Philadelphia
Astrologer did an amazing job with my chart. He told me the truth and did not sugar coat. I am so grateful that you are on here. Thank You! :D
- by Ma, USA
You are amazing. i love astro and he is very gifted.
- by meg, sc
Very nice and calm. Good predictions - lets see what happens. Good and respectful personality.
- by Melissa, Switzerland
Thanks for the prediction.
- by twinheart, asia
Very good!
- by wunjosun, santa cruz
Very good reader, definitely go back to him.
- by need2know5, usa


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♥♥♥Expert-Love, Relationship, Career Advisor♥♥♥

**LIFE CHANGING ANSWERS** Psychic & Spiritual Advisor. Offering Honest, Non-Judgmental answers to all your questions. Be ready for the TRUTH~

Love & Relationship, Break up & Divorce, Marriage &Re-unite,
Money & Finances, Career & Job , Family & kids , etc.

If you are wondering to know the true feelings, intentions or thoughts of someone about you? Is he or she the right mate for you? If he or she will come back to you or not? Career advancements? Job Opportunities? Moving situations? If your mate is cheating, If he's seeing any other person & from how long it's been going on, etc. I try to be as gentle as possible when giving news that may let someone down. I will not fabricate a happy predictions to make you a happy client, when I see just the opposite. If you are not afraid to hear the truth then you have come to the right place, look no further. Looking for true advice & answers to all your life questions are you lost,lonely ,confused,unhappy,wondering if He or She is the right one. Don't know which path is right for you. If you are seeking your advise on all aspects of life. Let me help you remove your self of all obstacles that stand in the way of your true path in your destiny! Release your true intuition and reach your full exceptions! I offer you insight into the future*Peace of mind for the presents*And Closure to the past! ஜ۩۞۩ஜஜ۩۞۩ஜஜ۩۞۩ஜஜ۩۞۩ஜஜ۩۞ஜ۩ஜஜ۩۞۩ஜஜ۩۞۩ஜ۩ஜ

________________(MY EXPERT SERVICE:)_______________
-► 5th Generation Psychic
-►Clairvoyance (ability to see)
-►Claircognizance (Clear knowing)
-►Clairaudience (ability to hear)
-►Spirits Guided
-►Tarot reading
-►Healing and Remote Viewing.

_________________(MY SPECIALTIES)_________________
-►Matters of the HEART,
-►Break ups,
-►Past lives,
-►Health and career,
-► Finances and Money,
-►Home and Family,
-►Dream Analysis,
-► Mind and Body,
-►Past life reading,
-►Traveling and Relocation,
-►Lost and Found, etc
-► Psychic/Clairvoyant Readings
-► Clarity Readings
-►5th generation gifted natural born Psychic/Medium
-►Astro Reader and Rune Caster
-►Accurate Tarot Reader
-►Spiritual Counselor
-►Love, Relationship and Reunion Specialist
-►Professional Intuitive, Psychic and Clairvoyant
-►Extremely Empathetic, Precognist and Preaudient
-►Master of Healing through Meditations and Prayers
-► Past Life Readings
-► Career and Financial matters Readings
-► Readings through angels and spirit guides
-► Picture Readings to read behaviour paterons, atttitude and personality traits.

I am a full-time professional consulting Psychic Clairvoyant and Astrologer with Natural psychic abilities.
I am here visible the things that hard to be visible & Answer the questions that hard to Answered. I provide very detailed and accurate readings in the area of Career, Business, Sudden Gain, dispute, property, love, relationship, etc. There is no reason to be alone or to be frustrated and confused about your current situation. Call me for clarity and assurance about your problems... "TRY TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH"...

___________________(GOD BLESS) ___________________

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