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15-20 years
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Karmic astrology, Western astrology, Tarot reading, Angel card reading, Destiny card reading, I ching, Palmistry, Numerology readings, Pendulum, Rune divination, Dream interpretation, Holistic healing, Angel readings, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Finance and law, Travelling and relocation, Mind and body, Health and healing, Rituals and energies, Lost and found





Glad to meet u mi friends, i am Natalia from Colombia.

Expert in love Advices, in mi private area u will learn about white magic, and I will give u mantras for fix ur life, addictions, program babies, and i will send u mi healing energy.

Mi espiritual guide is arcangel mikael, and i love to job betwen the angels, Because they change mi life and make all changes in me, and angels guise the humanity.

U will have all answers in private chat¡¡¡¡¡

I am an spiritual and very positive person, my room is for help, and not to scare people, I will teach how to choose the best way and how to avoid the problems; u can ask me about the mystery in life, aura ether, secret society, tarot, I have 7 different tarots, u can consult me and learn too, I can teach u tarot, I use pendulum, chakra healing, astrology profile, numerology and I Chin advice, come to mi private chat and explore ur inner worlds¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Since my childhood, I had dreams, and my dreams were always prophecies, when I was 12 years I painted my first own tarot, later my father gave me rider Waite, and started my knowledge in esotericism, my father went with me to spiritual order, and I slowly learnt about the life, the universe, the astral plane, and what is the objective in life.

I can help u to clean ur soul if u have black magic, I can help u with ur relationship, I do sexual advices, spiritual advices, health and money advices, never forget the life is unique, a gift , and ur holy body is too, the body of God, enjoy the life¡¡¡¡

I have lot experience, in readings face to face, cosmopolitan magazine events, Televisa events, weeding clock, Caracol channel, and I was part of the esoteric cabinet at astroshow, and magic minutes.

- Egyptian cabala.
- 10 different tarot decks.
- I ching advice.
- Astrology
- Natal chart
- Biorhythms ( program surgeons, babe sex, and exams) life cycles.
- Clean black magic’s.
- Mantras for fix your life.
- Numerology
- Michael archangel message.
- Osho Zen oracle message.
- Numerology
- Angels message.
- Pure tobacco.

I can guide u in:

- Love.
- Relationships.
- Job.
- Clean black magic.
- Addictions.
- Money issues.
- Depression.
- Stress.
- Life path
- Health.

Please understand mi free chat rules:

1. Show respect, and be kind.
2. Say hello is important.
3. Don’t use rude words.
4. Please understand, in mi free chat u can chat with me, be friends, but all tarot, astrology or any questions must be answer in private area. U must understand is mi work and i must live also.
5. This is esoteric chat, please don’t search love or something more here.
6. Enjoy your time here¡¡

i am always waiting for u . . . .

Some costumers say about me:

Omg GipsGold is such an amazing person I wish I had spoken to her alot sooner. She is so sweet and caring and lets not forget her ability to connect with you. She is also very accurate with future predictions & time lines. I didn't even had to mention anything to her, She knew right away my situation. I just found a new friend here on Oranum.. I will definietly keep going to her in the near future. Many Blessings to you......
Lucy117, New York City

- - - - - - - -

I was chosen for free demo and impressed with Gips easy accuracy and so then i went for private. It was great. Quickly down to the point with soothing clear delivery. Good grasp on facts and a surprising conclusions which really made quite a lot of sense. Good understanding of human psychology. I was really good reading. Try her, she is different but you will not be disappointed.

AnnaMariaEwa, Mashpoee, MA


Gipsgold has a heart of gold! She is truly here to help and gave me some honest advice. I was lucky to have a reading with her today. I trust her insights as they were accurate to my situation and I look forward to her predictions.

iPreferMimi, Kuwait
Amazing reader, really connected to my situation and gave me the guidance I feel I really needed at this time, thank you so much, I will return again and again.

Fantastic lady!!! I loved the reading! I will be back again for sure! Thank you so much Gipsgold! You are amazing! God bless you always! Deserves tons of stars!!! The best psychic of ORANUM!!! Big hug!

Accurate, detailed, informative, insightful read. Detailed future predictions with descriptive places and persons. Caring & compassionate advice. Enlightening and empowering advice. Patient and kind. Very gifted person & a pleasant experience! Thank You, GIPSGOLD!