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Member testimonials

Well interpretion of the cards and very insightful I can relate to the whole situation and very detailed. I know whats the next step to take on and looking at read more »
- by aish, eastern part
maria is a great reader caring honest and tells you what she sees!thank you
- by ashley, ny
Always fast and accurate - thank you Maria!
- by flowers, texas
She seems to be a genuine caring person, and reads me very well:)
- by Stephen, Stockholm
Maria gave me an update reading was very accurate and full of insight. She gave me specific time frames and was very clear about future events. Thank you Maria.. Namaste
- by Janine, USA
Reading was good. She showed & explained the Cards to me in a nice manner. Time will only say how accurate it is, but shes is an expert in what she does. Thanks & best :)
- by aquavenus, california
maria is such a sweetheart, with so much clarity. love her energy... everything about it! thank you!
- by angelone44, FL
Saw things in open chat when I came into the room - and received even more once going into private chat! She's great!!
- by Angel, New York
what can I say! she is amazing! she reads her cards very very well, and all her predictions have come true in love and career for me. She is amazing, definitely read with her!
- by Jessica, CA
Maria is extremely psychic and intuitive, she is very consoling very caring. It's like she talks to me like a friend.
- by BNJPANGELS, stamford, ct
she was good.
- by mimi, usa
- by Eva, Annapolis
excellent tell me a lot stuff
- by maria , miami
Nice reading thank you!!!!!!
- by greentea , Ireland
She is amazing. So incredible. She can read cards like no other. Everything she has predicted in my relationship came true, and she has helped me so much with c read more »
- by Jessica, Ca
very accurate and types fast great reading..
- by davyboii, albany
Maria is amazing. Knows her cards really well and is very accurate. I will know tonight if her prediction comes true, but she never failed me in the past. Worth every cent, truly gifted.
- by Jess, CA
- by sadhana, mauritius
Thank you for the reading! Very fast and detailed
- by luckystars, -
she seem to be on point about things I liked her.
- by Micaela, Baltimore
Very quick, very fast answered a great deal of questions helps in directions, and very consolable.
- by bnjpangels, queens, new york
Very honest, supportive, encouraging, to the point. Wow. What else to say. Bravo.
- by Doctor Kesavan , Dubai
Maria is just amazing. I'll always come back to her for any and every advice. She truly guides you to the right path! Thanks again!
- by JJ, Los Angeles
I had a really insightful reading with Maria. She is great as usual. :) Thank you!
- by Sandie, aus
She is a wonderful ready. Had a good reading.
- by delight17,
Time passed by so quick. Wish to have a bonus to chat more with her.
- by Elizabeth, Bakersfield
Very honest and sincere.. and blunt but i loved it...
- by Emma veliz, Santa rosa ca
Ahhhh, so close! Ok, I got your last sentence! Who's mad, lol?!?! Ok, will get back to you regarding seasalt! I need to do that again so I can hear those trumpe read more »
- by Eva, Annapolis
I can't stay outta of her private chats she knows everything she is so real it will blow your mind!!!
- by Tamika36, Ville
It was a great reading.
- by Swathi, India
Very good, very clear!
- by p, henley
OMG!!! She is the ONLY reader on this site that knows my situation dead on...... She is the best and needs more then a 5 stars, top reader for this site!!!
- by Tamika36, Ville
She is great! I had such a good reading!!!
- by Brianne, Orange
Excellent. I don't see better word in English. Regards !
- by Doctor Kesavan, Dubai
Man If you do not allow her to read for you then you're missing out big she knows the truth everything not just telling what you want to hear but truth!!
- by Tamika36, Ville
She was very good, quick and accurate..
- by Jill, San Jose
She is so on point and right about it all without me even telling her...
- by Tamika36, Ville
She is a awesome reader!!!!
- by Tamika36, Ville
Maria is an excellent reader, very perceptive, intuitive, very close on the timelines so far. I am anticipating lots of changes. She is very serious and dedicated and specific.
- by BNJPANGELS, queens, ny
Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- by JJ, Los Angeles
Very fast, very accurate, and very good with guidance. Love her <3.
- by Christie, Auburn
It was really nice!!! Maria is amazing! Thank you very much! Many stars!!! God blesses you!
- by Erikaafs, Fairfield
One word: fantastic!
- by eemck81, USA
great reading
- by jerry, amsterdam
wow! very insightful and light filled reader. she is clearly gifted with vision and strong intuition. i am so glad i came to see her! she answered all my qu read more »
- by divine, usa
Brilliant.. and very accurate. Thank you so much.
- by Diane, buckingham
Thanks for all of your wonderful insite. Get so much information. So great information and learn so much. Thanks.
- by Rick, Grand Island
- by paula, henley
- by Alicia, Burnsville
She is so great. She is very quick and accurate. She is able to read her cards so well and is never confused or unsure. I've read with her many times and she's always on point.
- by Jessica, California
Very good. I had a very bad connection and had to go back three times but we got there in the end. Very good. Thank you. xx
- by paula, henely
So fast!!! probably the most efficiant reader on here! LOVE her!
- by Holly, Maine
- by Stephanie Clapper, Sylvan Beach, NY
miricles happen here
- by paul, london
Maria amazing and so understanding. She has guided me in the right direction and is so helpful. Maria is caring and also direct in her readings too.
- by dmw4300, new york
You are a great reading. Thanks a lot!
- by femi, cardiff
Excellent reader. Picked up on everything without my telling her much. Her reading has opened my eyes in many ways. Thanks Maria
- by Jose, Miami
the only person I trust is mariatarot. speechless this girl. physic is really a natural born, she is a real deal. Physic nothing do with age, 5 stars for sure. thank you for your reading and caring. Just love her so much
- by PIGLETME, asia
she was so much to the point. I did not have to exert anything..she just nailed it down :)
- by Humility, zurich
I had a great reading with Maria. I am usually so scared of her cards, because they are so brutal in delivering the news, lol. But I know what she says is the t read more »
- by Autumn, zzz
Well, you will never on earth meet a kinder person. An incredible mind and the best friend you will find, maybe in the world. Maria is so nice and honest. The read more »
- by paul from london , virtual realality
Just perfect. Amazing, fabulous readings.
- by paul.golden69, london
Her prediction from yesterday has come true. When you told she yesterday, I was still not sure. But today it got confirmed. She is very very accurate and gifted. Highly recommend her to every one! 5 stars of course.
So sensitive and consoling.
- by bnjpangels, queens, ny
Very detail and accurate, very consoling, giving me lots of options
- by BNJPANGELS, queens, ny
mariatarot gave me so much hope again. Thanks for such a wonderful reading, right when I needed it....
- by Susan, Maryland
so fast!! AMAZING!!!
- by Holly, Maine
She's really good and pretty!
- by bos, dgdfdsf
Regardless of the question's topic, Maria's readings are always succinct and she is always positive! Thank you!
- by eemck81, USA
In line with what I have heard from other sources I have spoken to recently, so there is no doubt on her capabilities. Does not waste your time and sticks to the point. Thanks!
- by Askmenow2, US
Maria is wonderful! She is quick and to the point. I always recommend going to her for answers.
- by eemck81, USA
Love her! Speechless,. This girl so young, but she is so gifted. She pick up things quick, and explain precise. And the most important is accurate. Thank you fo read more »
- by PIGLETME, asia
Excellent. Very correct, accurate to the bulls eye point and frank. she goes in to get the best out, without sticking only to the question. It means a lot. God bless. Regards Dr. Kenn
- by Dr Kesavan, Dubai
She's great! <3
- by Prim, Bangkok
She provided very objective information. It was what I needed to hear. I can wait to see if it plays out as the cards predicted. She was great.
- by tamika, Elkridge
- by Bhanu, Anchorage
She was awesome!
- by mike, ohio
As always, Maria and I connected really well. She has always been a rock for me to lean on. I have been communicating with her for the past 6 months, always is a pleasure. Thank you.
- by Morgan,
She is great!
- by mike, ohio
I don't know how she does it! She knows everything! Scary!
- by Holly, Maine
Thank you very much Maria... Llike your new style too... Reminds me of Laq
- by irelandirish, France
Maria has clarified many doubts to me and she tunes with the situation properly. Highly recommended!!
- by Alicia, España
Maria is excellent!!
- by SS, Canada
She is very kind and very accurate.
- by Jason, Brighton, MA
She was very good and in tune with me.
- by Jason, Brighton, MA
I keep coming back to Maria, she is very good!
- by Janet, Casa Grande
Very good quick and she tell you things you have not told her the best for clear information such and nice person kind and supportive
- by paula, henly
Maria is very helpful and direct in her readings. Will keep her informed about the outcomes. Thank you...xx
- by hana, essex
She was very kind and insightful. She hits the nail on the head and is quick with readings. I recommend her to anyone seeking information on a situation, she is excellent.
- by nohley, usa
Thanks very much, very accurate for me and answered a lot of my questions :)
- by john, stirling
She is amazing. I have done a few readings with her about love and career and she has been accurate about everything. She knows her cards well, and is an amazing reader. Def give her a try! She's the real deal
- by JEssica, CA
Is very good, picked up on me in free chat and expanded in private, would recommend her to anyone.
- by kcw1433, georgia
maria is so amazing and accurate with her readings. she knows exactly how I felt psyically and emotionally as well
- by dmw4300, new york
You are i need say more :-)
- by Sunshine, India
Maria is good as usual. She was very honest and just told me how it is and could be. So, now it is up to me! Thanks Maria
- by janesi, sp
Amazing, always so kind and honest! Best reading here, you won't be disappointed!
- by paulgolden, london
Maria is a big star! So intuitive and helpful. :) Will come back for my second (own) reading YEY!!! :)))) XXX
- by RaphaelG, Oxford

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NEEDING SOME LIGHT? ISSUES IN LOVE, CARRER, MONEY? TALK TO ME. Honest and accurate tarot readings to help you solve your problems.

My name is Maria and I'm 20 years old. I'm portuguese. I've been reading tarot since I was 14 years old. By that time I was really sick and when tarot came into my life I suddenly got better. I asked my mother to buy me a tarot deck and so she did. I started reading it naturally and I developed myself spiritually. I learnt Reiki healing and became vegetarian. I was getting better every day. People woud come to me and ask for help. Thats when I knew my mission for this life. I started reading tarot for others in my home, and later in a spiritual centre.
I hope I can help you find your way and discover what's happening in your life throught tarot. You can live a zen lifestyle and you can be worry free. I can and want to help you find the best way to solve you problems and discover the truth, in order to bring peace. I want to help you.

Private chat me and ask me whatever you want - about love, carrer, health... I'll be honest to you, always.
Togheter we'll find a solution and an answer.

Languages spoken: English and Portuguese
Línguas faladas: Inglês e português

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