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Western astrology, Tarot reading, Angel card reading, Numerology readings, Pendulum, Dream interpretation, Clairvoyance, Reiki, Holistic healing, Natural healing, Chakra healing, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Finance and law, Travelling and relocation, Mind and body, Health and healing, Rituals and energies
NEEDING SOME LIGHT? ISSUES IN LOVE, CARRER, MONEY? TALK TO ME. Honest and accurate tarot readings to help you solve your problems.

My name is Maria and I'm 20 years old. I'm portuguese. I've been reading tarot since I was 14 years old. By that time I was really sick and when tarot came into my life I suddenly got better. I asked my mother to buy me a tarot deck and so she did. I started reading it naturally and I developed myself spiritually. I learnt Reiki healing and became vegetarian. I was getting better every day. People woud come to me and ask for help. Thats when I knew my mission for this life. I started reading tarot for others in my home, and later in a spiritual centre.
I hope I can help you find your way and discover what's happening in your life throught tarot. You can live a zen lifestyle and you can be worry free. I can and want to help you find the best way to solve you problems and discover the truth, in order to bring peace. I want to help you.

Private chat me and ask me whatever you want - about love, carrer, health... I'll be honest to you, always.
Togheter we'll find a solution and an answer.

Languages spoken: English and Portuguese
Línguas faladas: Inglês e português